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Join the Celebration - Study New Subjects!
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Immerse yourself in a foreign language, learn to make Venetian masks or Turkish pottery---and
open unexpected windows of understanding!




You can learn traditional ceramics from one of the best-known Turkish women ceramicists, Gunhan Dayioglu. Anatolian Artisan’s 15-day courses in Istanbul include moulding, pattern design, painting, glazing and firing. Ms. Dayioglu’s work is exhibited and collected internationally.



If you have a semester of time and can afford the tuition, travel to the corners of the world on a ship whose faculty is committed to education and cross cultural understanding. Semester at Sea offers undergraduate, graduate and continuing education courses in social sciences and humanities; all earn credit from the University of Pittsburg. The ship has classrooms, a library, computer lab, lecture hall, student union, and campus store. Seventy courses are offered in the fall and spring; 30 in the summer semester. Courses set for 2005 include Women in Politics and Women and Literature. MORE

Rhythm & Motion in San Francisco offers a wide spectrum of 7-10 week dance workshops taught by women from all over the world. In 2005:

  • Misao Mizuno: the ancient (non-Western influenced) hula from Hawaii.
  • Liping Julie Zhu, gold medalist in international martial arts and Qigong instructor from China: Taiyi Swimming Dragon Chuan.
  • Amanda Grady: Odissi, the sacred Indian classical dance developed in temples in Orissa.
  • Marlene Garcia-King: Capoeira, the Afro- Brazilian art form that combines dance, martial arts and acrobatics.
  • Yvette Mercer and Tanja Odzak: belly dancing (and the 8 week workshop will lead up to a performance with Ultra Gypsy).
  • Isaura de Oliveira: dances of the Orixas who are worshipped in Brazil.


Elderhostel is a nonprofit that leads Lifelong Learning trips for people over 55 years of age: no tests, no academic credit, but lots of experiential learning and a chance to learn about peoples, culture, environment and history via lectures, course-related field trips and cultural excursions. They offer 10,000 programs a year in about 100 countries.

Want to study Brazilian dancing in Salvador Bahia Brazil? Tania Santiago teaches workshops there periodically and wonderfully. Tania danced with Olodum for six years and teaches in Northern California when she’s not on her home turf. Outings will include Candomblé ceremonies, dance performances, capoeira rodas, and the island of Itaparica.


Seventy percent of the students are women at the Centro Culturale Giacomo Puccini in Viareggo, Italy. The school, located just a block from the Mediterranean Sea in Tuscany,  starts new sessions every two weeks and offers five levels of classes taught in Italian. A German who speaks perfect English, Steffanie Leistner ("Everybody calls me Steffi") manages this Italian language school for foreigners. Leisure activities enhance learning  and range from spaghetti suppers on the beach  to art history expeditions and Italian films.

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