You can help solve the problems that plague women and their families everywhere. Activism can be as ordinary as drinking a cup of coffee---or as extraordinary as taking a volunteer vacation in another country.

Understand Discover more about how women live in other countries through what they create: books, music, movies and much more. Find places to purchase their crafts, jewelry, and clothing designs. Try recipes from all over the world. Want to study in other countries with women who teach traditional crafts like lace making? Want to hike in the Himalayas with a Nepalese woman trekking guide? Dine in a Marrakech garden restaurant owned by 16 women chefs from Fez? You can!

Act The sections include hundreds of ideas to inspire your activism. You can work toward ending hunger, shape policy or help women and children. The nonprofit organizations listed here are virtually all run by women (unusual; men are six times more likely to run large nonprofits). Women founders, Presidents, Board Chairs, CEOs and Executive Directors are acting now to change the world. Click the image below and change the world!

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