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More Ideas to Give an Animal

Beatrice's Goat

A book for children ages 4-8; 2001, Atheneum. Click here to find it on Amazon.com.

Heifer Project

Heifer Project, PO Box 8058, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203, USA.  Tel: 1-800-422-0474; website animal catalog: http://catalog.heifer.org/

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps, Department W, PO Box 2669, Portland, Oregon 97208 USA. Tel: 800-292-3355. Website: http://www.mercycorps.org/home/

Turtle Tours

PO Box 1147, Carefree, Arizona 85377 USA; Tel: 1-888-299-1439 or 480-488-3688; fax: 480-488-3406. Email: irmaturtle@turtlewill.org. Website: www.turtlewill.org

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