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our guest author "three fire" again to bring [feet] light, this time he chose a pair of old but still classic Slip-On pedal shoes. Slip-On has always been a simple shoe body is loved by people, this pair of shoes is simple: before and after the color pink, black in the middle. With the canvas show, is a typical pair of Vans canvas shoes, toe and heel are some bright spots, are decorated with black rose pattern, simple but not to lose interest. Three choose to fire a trousers with color pattern upon pants collocation, the perfect echo rose pattern on the shoe body: the original boys on foot pink shoes can also be so handsome (Sao) gas!

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4 wrong running positions affect the body

running is the most common way people exercise. As everyone knows, running can exercise cardiopulmonary function, enhance muscle strength, sustained and effective jogging can also play the role of anti cellwite. But if the running posture is not correct, not only can not get the effect of fitness and shaping, it may also bring damage to the health of the body, and run the body out of the shape. There are a lot of people find themselves running out of the "belly", "radish legs" and cervical vertebra disease problems.
It is important to keep fit for
, and it is more important to master the right posture. The correct posture should be: the upper body slightly forward, the head is located just above the trunk, two shoulder, two elbow flexion 90 degrees, hands clench fist half; running, arms relaxed and natural swing, positive thighs before lift, legs naturally relax, rely on the thigh before the swing, with dynamic hip upwards swing out, to heel to quickly transition to the soles, after kicking powerful, long and flexible. This can make the abdominal muscles tense, the breathing is uniform, slender, full and rhythmic.

common error postures:

1, all the feet of the foot. When running the whole foot, will be very easy to "squat feet", easily lead to Tibia Periostitis, long-term impact is easy to run into O leg.

2, the toes are on the ground. Running, the front foot will strongly stimulate the leg muscles, the long time will cause the calf thickening, the formation of "radish leg".

3, inside and outside eight feet. It is easy to cause the injury of the knee joint and other parts, and it is easy to cause X and O type legs.

4, overtilt and back. Run forward will cause back strain, hypsokinesis will lead to thoracic and abdominal muscle too nervous, a long time will lead to abnormal neck shoulder.

note: running to choose suitable locations, to avoid running in the hard pavement; sports shoes choose light, comfortable and flexible; stride to appropriate; running to avoid excessive hip shaking; avoid excessive exercise; to warm up before exercise, do exercise after finishing drawing.

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