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sports + reporter Ke Ji reported

plays basketball in NBA and has his signature shoes, which is a great achievement, because it means the affirmation of your popularity and the recognition of the market value of the sponsor. Of the 400 players in the league now, only 16 receive signature shoes, namely:

Nike: James, Durant, Erwin, George;

Jordan: Paul, Anthony,

Adidas: harden, Ross, Lillard;

Andemar: curry;

Anta: Thompson, Rondo,

Peake: Parke, Howard, Della Vedova;

Lining: Wade;

can see, in addition to the Chinese shoes brand signed 6 players, from the three sports equipment brand took his signature shoes players, only ten people. These ten people basically represent the highest popularity and the best skills of the league.

Guo Ailun is lucky, the American media has confirmed that he will become a trapeze Jordan's first signature shoe non American player, Jordan signed a contract with this, Guo Ailun will bring 3 million dollars a year. Obviously, Jordan sees the popularity of Guo Ailun in China and the potential shoe market in china. 16-18 months later, Guo Ailun's signature shoes will be available, regardless of whether the shoes design is perfect, which embodies Guo Ailun's market value, after all, in the current NBA, there are a lot of players to enjoy the preferential treatment, and even that has already received 16 personal signature shoes, some of them in the process of signing the shoes are not easy.

could almost missed his own signature shoes

we know, Paul · George became the fourth player in the history of Nike, also has twenty-first signature shoe players, but many people do not know is that George and his signature shoes almost passed.

George signature shoes unveiled in 2016, but as early as three years ago in 2014, Nike produced the idea of making signature shoes for George. Erwin, who is about to face Kobe's retirement, is desperate to find another star to support James and Durant, and between Nike and George, Nike prefers the latter.

and George signed a sponsorship contract shoes soon, we have to do his signature shoe impulse, "Nike design team said," he and Lebron showdown, too exciting, this is our long-awaited story, playing George's sunny appearance, the passion, the humble man, made him an object made of signature shoes."

but, 14 years of sudden big injury, let George almost and his signature shoes said goodbye. "In general, signature shoes only take 18 months from design to production, but it takes three years for George to sign up for them.". We are >

New balance shoes
in the spring run and competition season is about to begin, the major brand manufacturers have begun to enliven. New 100-lun last month launched 2 new flats contest. As part of the exciting 2017 spring series, these two running shoes are brand new shoes, and the other is a great upgrade.

new 100-lun Hanzo S

this is a new super lightweight racing shoes, it is designed for the competitive road race contestants. This shoe pays tribute to the long history of Japan road. (watch out for ninjas behind your shoes!)


release time: January 2017

type: race and road runs

heel forefoot height difference: 4mm (17mm-13mm)

weight: male version: 186g/6.5 oz (No. 9), female version: 154g/5.4 oz (No. 7)

price (manufacturer suggested retail price): $160

km test (to this day): 78km (plus media)

Hanzo S contains the latest technology of new 100-lun all, including to obtain the maximum rebound energy Rapid Foam and Rebound Revlite in the buffer technology and faster still can ensure a firm grip Dynaride outsole. The FantomFit upper uses a synthetic fiber mesh, mainly to seamlessly and comfortably surround the foot and secure it securely in place.

although not directly substitute, but Hanzo S is a little like the now discontinued new 100-lun is 1600, the brand offers the best of traditional race shoes. Because in many ways it's extremely lightweight and minimized, Hanzo S may not be the favorite of runners who want to have more buffers at their feet. Testers think it will be ideal for runners who are even in weight and have an effective running posture and a mechanical structure.

this running shoe is suitable for speed training and treadmill training on the runway. It is suitable for fast interval running, accelerated running and rhythm running. If you want to run faster, choose it. It's definitely a professional running shoe designed for racing.

new 100-lun 1500v3

this is the latest version of the 1500 series of new balance shoes, it is the third generation of updated products combined with stable and support functions.


release time: January 2017

type: stability and competition

heel forefoot height difference: 6mm (24mm-18mm)

weight: male version: 229g/8.0 oz (No. 9), female version: 188g/6.6 oz (No. 7)


CHOCOOLATE, x, Chupa, Chups, treasure beads, surprise ride series, February 10th debut: CHOCOOLATE, x, Chupa, Chups, treasure beads, surprise ride series, February 10th debut

I.T has been actively developing and exploiting the local market, in the winter of 2006 the latest brand: CHOCOOLATE, opened several stores in Hong Kong to create new concept is different from the usual popular casual wear brand, to set a new interpretation of fashion. : CHOCOOLATE combines , mass, , and , prestige, , and the brand concept perfectly, and creates a new style of "a different tree".

: CHOCOOLATE's dress design and social pursuit of a group of values of life, with a thorough, through the original design of originality, showing a better life attitude. CHOCOOLATE: a series of clothing tailoring and comfortable, suitable for everyday wear, unique style, shows a simple and portable fashion sense.

: CHOCOOLATE, x, Chupa, Chups, jumbo beads. Bold new try: CHOCOOLATE, who came this spring to find a trend in the snack bar, launched a surprise and innovative ride series, bringing a colorful and vibrant series to the spring. The crossover series offers single products including tee, totebag, table mat and long pillow case. The launch of the joint series will integrate the two brand features, including the printing of hair technology: CHOCOOLATE, x, Chupa, Chups joint logo print tee, to Chupa, Chups red, Rhizoma Bletillae black based color.

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