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He is my brother
, one hand chop more than, today I come to you out of the box Hayashi x Vans recently popular Taka Vault joint, Vans as long as there is a period of time certainly will know the art master Taka Hayashi, I don't need to do much here, after all, before the Taka Hayashi joint almost is every season, the exposure frequency is what others want to do not want to.

Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault
believe that we are also in the information repeatedly see, this year is Taka Hayashi and Vans ten years of love "". The Vans Taka Hayashi designer phase unique to Vans, and in the second season of Syndicate and its joint (first quarter joint is Mr.Cartoon, also is the design of Syndicate "S" Logo of the famous tattoo artist). and the fact that Taka Hayashi did not let Vans down, along with the development of Vans, his style and ten years ago, there are no small change. After the establishment of Vans Vault Taka will soon become the high-end line, Vans Vault regional designer, also has its own independent branch joint.

Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault is still used in the drawer shoebox, thick solid brown surface, there are Vans and Taka Hayashi the text representation of the joint.

TH Court Hi purchased? LX and TH Chukka Nomad LX
three pairs of shoes
Taka Hayashi every shoe joint are dubbed his initials "TH", which reflected that their influence. Compared with other joint are the original Vans shoes as a framework based on Taka Hayashi is designed based on the increase, to make substantial changes to the shoe itself, it should not usually on all kinds of shoes has a very profound understanding, it is very difficult to.

so he also created a lot of new, such as the joint name of TH Court Hi high LX, low Court Lo Strap called TH? LX, Court this is a pair of shoes, this pair of new shoes this year Court has joined the Vans package launched based on the original designer, but the users is Taka Hayashi. complete Taka Ha Bo

Hiking route.

September 12th, Huairou Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall will usher in a "small rivers to guard Lakeside Great Wall science large parent-child hiking activities. The Beijing morning news reporter learned that the 100 groups of families have been recruited. In addition, the organizers of Beijing Morning Post and Ali commonweal "positive energy every day" will also jointly carry out the "river guard" selection activities, report the typical figures and typical deeds committed to water resources protection, and finally select the ten "river guards".

hundred groups of family ring Lakeside Great Wall athletics

, according to the introduction, the activity of "walking around Lakeside Great Wall science pads and children" is a continuation of the activity keynote of "everyone is a river guard" launched by Ali commonweal "positive energy every day". As soon as the news of the recruitment was released, the readers responded enthusiastically. In a few days, 100 groups of families were recruited. The activities will take place in the early autumn season at Huanghua Lakeside Great Wall, nine Du River town, Huairou, Beijing. During the activities, you will ask me to answer, watch the water system, guess the fish, the interesting water test and so on 3 closes, and challenge the successful families to get a gift package.

many readers said that this hiking activity is a public interest, fun and participatory. It can arouse children's and family's awareness of water resources and cultivate children's interest in protecting water resources. The cooperation unit is the nine people's Government of Huairou District, Beijing, and is sponsored by Beijing beauty's refrigeration products Sales Co., Ltd., Huanghua Lakeside Great Wall tourist area as venue support. In addition, also received the sunshine life insurance Limited by Share Ltd Beijing branch, 999 first aid support.

elderly children co lead

in this hiking, the children become the real protagonist. According to the reporter, in Ali public "daily positive energy" project activity scene, the elderly, children's figure is not rare. In July 2013, Alibaba public welfare and the more than 50 mainstream media in China launched the "daily positive energy" project, working together to spread positive energy and carry forward the true, the good and the beautiful. In the past two years, the project has launched the 100 phase of regular energy evaluation and 200 times special planning awards. The bonus is about 12000000 yuan, and 1000 cases are rewarded for good people and good deeds, which is widely concerned by the society.

since 2014, Ali positive energy every day charity project will be expanded to the public view of the field of environmental protection, combined with nearly 30 provinces nationwide Associated Media, launched the "find the river guard" activities, to search for the protection of water resources and water pollution control, offered cash rewards. In the country organized the environmental challenges of the event, many of the volunteers are with his family to participate in activities. Among them, the most noticeable is the elderly and the children. The oldest of them is 88 years old, and the smallest is only 12 months.

build public participation platform

"protection of water resources, in addition to awaken people's awareness of environmental protection, more need to build a platform for people to participate, so that every >

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