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Hello, I am Dali Development Zone No. ten fu. Now more and more loyal fans, with the help of Vans enthusiasts, this platform drying out their own collection, I also received the invitation, at the instigation of many friends, I usually do not love show collection, also decided to come up with their own collection of a variety of Vans shoes for many years, a small sun.

to say I know Vans, probably in 2007, starting with the first pair of shoes is Slip-On, over the past 10 years, I still love this type of shoes. Remember when buying shoes very early, with a booklet, which simply introduces Vans spirit of the brand, there is a saying about it like this: "Off the Wall" Chinese translation is "off the wall". The spirit of the brand has left me a very deep impression, I fell in love with Vans from the beginning, and later used it named my shop - the wall.

seems to everyone? "Off the Wall" have different understanding, but I prefer to understand it as: "everyone in life will face difficult challenges, therefore should not retreat, but should go to see what is behind the things over the wall." This sentence I have been as faith, I hope everyone is so.

The basic
is all that I have, I personally love or some artist's joint series, such as the recent Robert Williams I would not hesitate to start, of course, the global limit of 50 guitars. In addition, the Neck Crumb R.? Face, Takashi Murakami and Murakami Takashi are my food. A lot of bands signed shoes is awesome, such as bad brain band, white zombie and metal band etc.. We walk and see ~

Mastermind JAPAN returned this year in the Sk8-Hi joint, right there are two pairs of ultra classic Beatles "yellow submarine" joint "yellow submarine", is this pair of Taka Hayashi many years ago Half Cab

green is a joint domestic Fly Streetwear and Vans Syndicate skateboard shop, Disney Sk8-Hi is this pair of Donald many people dream of?

is the most close to defocus two pairs of new Robert Williams love Slip-On, Murakami Takashi is 14 years away, near the Blue Bo

adidas TS Creator - Tracy McGrady & Chauncey Billups

two model signature basketball shoes
The performance of
continuation TS series of unique 3D-FORMOTION feet and PRO-MODERATOR angle to three stripes design the same effect as players placed on the lateral forefoot speed in the provision of anti support

download (52.46 KB)

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