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ACU and FLY jointly launched by the let many people feel comfortable, because this is not only the joint two domestic stores, with Chinese traditional taste, also let many Vans enthusiasts feel to a domestic first, other places do not buy pleasure. Tomorrow, ACU and FLY will continue to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi'an, Chengdu and other places of the shop on sale, the first time we got two pairs of special versions can only buy a shoebox in the first shop, so let us "open" for quick! breath to three or four parcels, up also is really very exciting!
live has been out of the box, so...... You know. We'll start which? okay, big man, is that you first! Today there is a protagonist, my meow ~ > < at

she is a hundred-percent Vans lovers, every opening all around her side, the first time to see their shoes, up such a big carton, with fragile label Lingling said, minions are back, let the house look first!

The original
, FLY express in order to prevent the exquisite shoe broken into development.
this big cake box in the box? FLY joint. (outside the box into the mirror is not too ugly to forgive) open the box when the heart can not help a burst of emotion: smells good!

the whole shoe exudes a "small cream" flavor, let me regret not to go to Shanghai straight last ruby. said: let me try meow!

has a yellow box side US text, is the Sweet FLY lace up Logo, everywhere is a sweet thing.

The first
even opened a shoebox, then we open ordinary shoebox! or carry big, across the water proof paper, you can feel is FLY cream square! FLY x Vans Sk8-Hi "
" cream "
has almost everyone knows it: This is the imitation of Western Shanghai jointly produced a local dessert "Ruby cream cake" as a source of inspiration, and this cake is also called "small cream". FLY host Jeff Han also said in an interview, the cortex choose to take a lot of time, it can be seen from the out of the ordinary leather shoes. is not across the screen and felt the soft texture of leather? Champion public interest run group

, the world champion and Olympic champion invited by the Chinese athlete education fund, the champion of public interest run group, participated in a total of 15 stations of "2016 Yue Yue ·" and "Lining 10 kilometers road running League"
as a public welfare ambassador.
March 25th, Chinese women's volleyball Olympic champion Zhao Ruirui and Peng Bo, the Olympic diving champion, will represent the "champion's public interest run group", as a guest to attend the launching ceremony of Lining 10K. We hope that through the call and influence of the champion, we can drive more people to join the running group and join the ranks to run for public welfare, so as to promote the development of sports public welfare undertakings.

champion's public interest running group's participation not only encourages the public's running passion, lets everyone love running, running and enjoying professional experience, but also draws the distance between champion and runner. At the same time, the running group shouldered the mission of public welfare, and spread the spirit of public welfare more widely at the same time. The funds raised will be used to raise the quality education and training for Chinese active and retired athletes so that the athletes can get better learning opportunities.

1K=1 yuan, we need your support

champions take steps to measure the length of love. You and I use money to give you a strength for sports and education public welfare, so that the helpless and confused athletes can build future life dreams for you and me.

champion, a public interest running group, is now inviting you to give a little love for sports and education as well as to help public projects to raise more money, and bring more friends to join us in order to make great changes in small love. We will run together for love, let "run + public welfare" health concept never stop!

thanks Lining 10K organizing committee in every station running League, they donated a certain number of public places for the foundation, to promote athletes quality education projects to add strength. Through this platform, it will bring together more people of love, come for public welfare, and run with love. Here, I hope that the enthusiasts for public welfare will continue to support and participate in the "Lining 10K" to support the public welfare of the running group.

good do not choose size, love step by step. Thanks to the "public registration channel marathon artifact opens for the event, it is not only a running hand registration platform, is a public communication platform dream.

thanks again for the support of the public service. The following is the time and place of the Lining 10K Racing League, and sincerely invite you to take an active part:

March 2016 27 Guangzhou Railway Station April 2016 10 Chengdu Railway Station

April 2016 17 Changsha Railway Station April 2016 24 WuHan Railway Station

June 2016 5 ShangHai Railway Station June 2016 19 JiNan Railway Station

October 2016 16 QingDao Railway Station >

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