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Vans (Chinese official named "fan", but also folk called "Vance") Old Skool the shoes, the first impression is deepest in the summer of 07, go to a dance competition at the time, and then saw a boy dancers wearing a pair of black and white shoes, smooth do each floor, the shoes of the white line with his rotation, like a light is waving in the air, deep in my mind, at that time, feel particularly good, but there is so much of it, and not to further understand what is the name of the shoes, which brand is. (because it was unable to extricate themselves in Nike's undivided attention carrying arms)

until two years ago when riding a bicycle in order not to slide foot, so start looking on the Internet there is no good anti-skid point shoes (that is, who can not afford to have shoes, this lock) check, not open the page, a pair of strange and familiar shoes appear in front of the scene, and a few years ago me in my mind, the mouse or mad, all Baidu, had found the shoes called Old Skool, which belongs to the Vans??? Brand, then know that this is a very special historical sign, do some extreme sports shoes such as skateboarding, BMX, BMX and so on, at home in the limelight because the initial D Jay Chou in the autumn mountain drift in it (driving is not walking), won the Jordan Chan, but also did not break the tofu. There is speed and passion in Paul's wearing the black and white is the best classic ah, living endorsement. There are a variety of European and American names, such as Bibb, Rihanna, Avril and Justin all through the? Vans? Shoes exit, so the domestic various follow the trend, this is the custom. But what really? Vans? The teacher for the people know that our Edison Chan, Chen, he put the fan shoes defined as shoes, countless boys and girls into the pit (in refers shoes). today is to return to my new shoes? Old Skool? A pseudo box. What is the name of the pseudo

OFF THE WALL! Uninhibited advertisements, the pursuit of freedom, individuality, and so have the box fan, fan. set off your hijab, let's see you like. (I rub, even wrapped in a layer of film, paper is wrong.). rupture of membranes, that is every man must (had in mind by the evil comrades please 20 minutes to go to the wall). enjoy close, familiar with black and white. shell, streaking, Zambrotta. 75 angle a, it is also the non-mainstream.
1, the specific shopping process?

2, the cost is how calculated?

3, after the payment, found the goods does not want to buy, whether can independently modify or cancel orders?
user order within 10 minutes can independently cancel the order, after 10 minutes if it is necessary to cancel, please contact customer service to confirm, once the site has been shipped overseas, the order cannot be cancelled.

4, why should upload identity information?Provisions of
6, I take payment orders why was cancelled?
you will be cancelled in the city because of the following reasons: price fluctuations, purchasing orders, limit the purchase of stock, embargo etc.. After the cancellation of the order, the amount you pay will be refunded to your account within 3-7 working days.

7, do I need to pay the cost of purchasing? If so, what is the ratio?
8, the sea Amoy goods are produced overseas?
9, why many commodity goods cannot know what Amazon purchase?
for consumer interests, developed in overseas business platform, carefully selected to purchasing goods, at the same time, some of the goods subject to the transportation policy or other reasons, temporarily unable to purchase, hope to understand

10, I can see the logistics information for me, usually single long after receiving? Package

in honor of Steve Caballero and Vans cooperation 20th anniversary, Vans this time specially sought the famous skateboard master to participate in the design, named after his Half Cab shoes. The inspiration is vintage graffiti, skateboards and China's unique "dragon year" element, since the dragon is the 2012 zodiac sign and the 1964 zodiac sign of the birth of Caballero. With bright red suede shoes as body, dragon and Chinese characters appear in standard shoes, to pay tribute to the twelve zodiac dragon. An important element of course Half Cab essential shock bottom plus is also essential for anti-skid vulcanization sole classical Vans design, Vans DQM lovers can General to $$85 buy this pair of slide masters and cooperation with Vans models.

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