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Li Ningyun is Lining's 2014 flagship new running shoes, so far has continued to the third generation.

running in these three years, air pollution is running children the maximum resistance in the Empire also feel a mellow haze in Beijing. "The fog to suck for you" and "Houde contained fog self-reliance does not suck" and "Hello people fog" this series of ridicule words also slightly all helpless, the environment without a problem. "Li Ningyun" is the ten volts haze under the cloud.

Li Ningyun is a Li Ning Co in 2014 hit a new series of running shoes, has been extended to the third generation, in addition to retaining the clouds consistent before two generation like soft rebound foot feeling is also equipped with a smart chip, new.

in the summer of 2015, cross-border cooperation with millet company Lining, brought a "red" and "Chun lie" two smart shoes for us, Li Ningyun and the three generation is also followed, as a member of the Lining matrix smart shoes, wear it that you can experience the feeling of the clouds, haze all underfoot enjoy a piece of blue sky.

, now at
brand: Lining (China)

style: ARHL037-3-10

uppers: textiles,

sole: rubber outsole, +EVA compound bottom,

, China
tag price: 499 yuan (including smart chip)

listing time: January 2016

two, the beginning of the road experience

opened the shoebox, and the three generation of the clouds that came into view clearly had the shadow of the first two generations. The three generation, which inherited part of the previous generation's design, was lighter, and it was noticeable in the hand. In appearance, the body color is mainly composed of 3 colors, concise and generous. Of course, it also offers a variety of colors for runners to choose from, but low-key, bright Sao, can match lovers, also can be equipped with Mandarin duck. To strongly Tucao here, male color has been flawed.

adjust the shoelace, straight after feeling bad, indeed, and long lace design, a knot is not enough, need to make two or three knots is not procrastination, long laces from ultra light series has been in existence, not completely solved. Of course, it's good to play a few more knots. At least, the laces won't be loosened easily.

in addition, after fastening the shoelace, the foot can intuitively feel the wrapped quality of the shoes is excellent, and the joint is also excellent. Learned from the official website, the three generation of the upper cloud design using two kinds of help, are integrated and compact fabric weaving cloth, uppers feel quite thick, and is suitable for autumn and winter wear, but its permeability will be good?

as usual, I will get a faster speed to run 20 kilometers to test the new shoes, it can quickly make their performance in all aspects of the new shoes have intuitive understanding, this method has not been tested, too much deviation, the >

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