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Sports underwear

today, Xiaobian takes you to further explore the black history of sports bra, starting from the development process of sports bra and the status quo of creating billions of output value.

sports underwear has a history of home for a hundred years:

1, the period of ancient Rome: generally used cloth and leather lacing chest woman;

2 and Vitoria period (1837-1901): women began to use corset, a tight underwear that almost breathless. It can make the breast move. This is definitely a black history sports bra, in 1887's Wimbledon tournament, female players at half-time had returned to the locker room off besmeared with blood corset, for a clean play. Because of this period on the bodice and metal are stiff, when in motion will often be stabbed.

3, 1911: Women's compatriots finally have a "bras" made of soft cloth.

4, 1920: a special sport designed for underwear is finally gorgeous. But this kind of underwear is still unable to meet all types of women, and at that time it was not popular.

5 and 1997: This is the date for all gay men to remember. In that year, the secret of Vitoria was established. Lisa and Polly invented the sports underwear we know now (Jogbra).

6 and 1998: sports underwear has begun to create millions of values.

7, until now: the sports underwear market has been worth 15 billion dollars!

sports underwear in recent years has almost become the necessities of women all over the world. And the number of women who participate in sports every year is increasing. It is no wonder that many underwear manufacturers have shifted their attention to sports underwear, and the speed of updating is very fast. They are catching up with the speed of sports shoes.

although the market of sports underwear has been expanding, researchers have been struggling to design a sports underwear that can fit any breast shape in any sports activities. To design comfortable underwear is to know how the breast moves in exercise. This will take into account the structure of the female breast. There are no muscles in the breast, only fat, glands and connective tissue (that is, Cooper's suspensory ligament). All these substances can not support breasts, and more often are skin to provide support for the breast, so it is difficult for women to shake their breast in motion alone. So any breast that has no external support will feel uncomfortable in exercise.
This study from the University of Plymouth colony expert Jeanne
chest movement found that women sports underwear are usually classified into two categories, one is the compression type, is a package. The former is associated with most of the sports underwear: a whole, elastic fabric that presses the chest down to the chest. This kind of design considerations >

The gang ran fainted and the good strangers rescued them. The good people on the scene saved the gang.
Express (reporter Tao Weizhou) in the evening of June 9th, when Nanjing citizen Xiao Li was running and training at the Xuanwu Lake, he suddenly fell to the ground with a heart attack. Fortunately, a woman saved in time. After that, the lady left without a name. Yesterday, Xiao Li's parents came to the Xuanwu Lake police station, hoping for the help of the police to find his son's lifesaver.

Xiao Li lives near Xuanwu Lake, and every day he will run with his colleagues to run on the lake of Xuanwu. At about 7 p. m. on June 9th, Xiao Li went running with his colleagues as usual. When they ran to the Cui Bridge, Xiao Li suddenly fainted and was unconscious. Xiao Li's colleagues were frightened. He could only call 110 for help if he did not understand first aid knowledge. At this time, the surrounding citizens and tourists saw some people fainting, and they were in front of them.

"don't move. I know a doctor. I'll look at it." At this time, a woman in a flower shirt separated the crowd to Xiao Li, squatting down to see the situation of Xiao Li. After she found Xiao Li's pulse weak, she carefully turned Xiao Li and then made artificial respiration. When the police station of the Xuanwu Lake police station came to the scene, Xiao Li's situation has been slightly better. Soon, the police contacted the 120 emergency vehicle arrived and sent Xiao Li to the nearby hospital for treatment.

after the rescue, Xiao Li said. The doctor said that Xiao Li collapsed on the ground because of a sudden heart attack. Fortunately, some people knew the knowledge of first aid and did the right first aid, which saved valuable time for the rescue. At that time, the police found that the lady who was first aid for Xiao Li had quietly left without leaving name and contact.

yesterday, Xiao Li's parents came to the Xuanwu Lake police station, hoping that the police could find the lady, and they wanted to express their gratitude. "My son is better now, thanks to her that day, my son was a narrow escape." Xiao Li's parents said. In fact, after the incident, the Xuanwu Lake police station also looked for people who were involved in the rescue, "but no one knows the lady." Zuo Jun, a Xuanwu Lake police instructor, said the police station contacted another enthusiastic citizen who participated in the rescue. He said he didn't know the lady, and he just took a hand.

Zuo Jun introduced a photo taken by the public at that time, including a woman who rescues Xiao Li. After seeing the photo, a woman who knew this woman and Xuanwu Lake police station contacted:

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