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Running friends' nest and half horse

mountain is not high, with the name of immortal.

water is not deep, there is Long Zeling.

is dregs, can run!

was a chance and inevitable for me to sign up for the North bird.

Ma Ma did not draw Jibei after still, which makes November the original rich and colorful Valley becomes dull as ditch water season.

so when the old sister said that the North bird began to sign up and let me run, I didn't think I wanted to run the name together. One is to make up for the regrets of the North horse, and the second is to make the horse season more substantial.

comes back. Although the North bird is my second half marathon, it still makes me memorable.

has nothing to do with him, and the weather changes at the early stage of the game are really terrified.
One week before the
bird race, sweet girl began to look up the weather forecast. Then, in a morning, it suddenly found that the Sunday on the weather forecast, which was originally a small sun, was turned into a cloud with raindrops underneath. Oh my god! Beijing is going to rain on Sunday!!! What does this do? My heart began to sense of fear, worry about the upcoming North bird... We all say that seeing is real, so the heavy snow on Friday in Beijing is more ramming our ideas. Sunday! Is it really going to run on the snow and run?!!!!

for a horse racing beginner, cold weather, snow and rain will definitely increase the difficulty of my marathon trip. It's a real challenge.

so I panic, began to worry about the possible problems in the valley, constantly ask God in rain, how do ah? How to do the snow? The article on how to run a marathon on WeChat in winter is a word and a word, afraid to read a word less on Sunday.

"can I run down?" This sentence has been around in my heart, this feeling again on the eve of tayma. In addition, after the knee pain has been outside of the tayma did not disappear, was not the end.

, however, the goddess of luck will always redeem you the next moment you feel there is no way to go. On Saturday morning, a half day of snow stopped at noon. The weather forecast showed that it was sunny and sunny on Sunday. Day! Oh my god! This is an unexpected surprise! (here we are still grateful for the organizers of the birds and horses, although they are not used, but they have a raincoat in each of the competitors' bags.)

since there is no rain! That's what you're afraid of! So, tidy up, on the eve of the North bird, the girl had a good sleep without panic and tension.
basked my bird and horse Robe
's running shoes on the day of running are also Arthur's, or do they have a feeling of sponsorship!!!!
now talk about North bird day.

this piece

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