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[sharing] fat is not necessarily because of running too little

why aren't you thinner?

"I'm on a diet, I lose weight, but I still don't lose weight."

this is a sad story, and maybe you are one of them. Where was the mistake in the end? Is it not enough to run and eat little enough? Maybe, you're just too tired.

also has "manure" to say

weight loss is a math problem with a calorie addition, but that doesn't mean that the more you exercise, the thinner the person is.

, when it comes to "manure", may think of too much work stress and the dangers of extremely irregular work and rest. In fact, there is a "manure" in physical exercise.

has seen corticosteroid in children's shoes that read weight loss books. When exercising, human adrenal cortex bundle can secrete this substance, stimulate people's desire for continuous exercise and make the brain excited. But according to Shin Ohtake, a world famous fitness expert, cortisol is only suitable for short time bursts. If too much exercise leads to cortisol accumulation, the consequences may be very serious.
How serious is
? Obesity is only the most apparent phenomenon. Sugar, protein, fat, electrolyte disturbance and various organ dysfunction are the most dangerous consequences.

why exercise is a double-edged sword?

people with too much mental stress are more likely to be obese, and relieving psychological stress is another major contribution to weight loss, except for exercise. However, the problem is that the movement of the release of inner stagnation in help at the same time, it will cause no small burden on the body, thus forming a vicious spiral

"the more you get tired, the more your body depends on the fat you eat." In other words, in this case, the human body consumes more muscle than fat.

, in the view of Shin Ohtake, this negative effect also affects our absorption and eating.

"you may have just taken in a little sugar or alcohol when you are overworking, but the negative effects of these things on the weight loss are multiplied."

what do you have to do?
understands the root cause of the weight crisis, we might as well reflect on our daily life. Shin Ohtake found that the more stressful people in life, the more inclined to slow down the heart through a long period of anaerobic exercise.

but as we said earlier, if excessive exercise, the effect is often counterproductive, so Shin Ohtake made the following recommendations:

Data map.
July 11th, July 11th, Chengdu, "the summer training kingdom", which is pursued by the innovative international sports brand Adidas, is about to open in Chengdu in July 15th. After a warm repercussion in the activities of the "summer practice country" held in Beijing and Shanghai, Adidas spread the campaign to Chengdu. Chengdu is located in the Pacific Ocean and the Red Square landmark square diffuse indoor venues, "summer training country" will open the Sports Challenge creative, Li invited sports enthusiasts to create a # #, and to all the public free of charge.

at that time, Chengdu summer training kingdom is located in the two venues of Hongxing square and ocean Tai Gu Li Man square, and will be built into different concept sports areas respectively. The Pacific Ocean Plaza covers training, diffuse football, and basketball sports category, will be opened "urban energy three", "rush basketball" and "Youth Summer Camp" and other training courses, the public can through the adiCLUB WeChat number of appointments of public courses. The Red Square is a "free burst" and "BOOST summer run", "a war orange" interesting interactive sports activities during the period of the public can visit the site to participate in.

the 9 day Chengdu "summer training country" not only have professional coach guiding sports experience curriculum, and a large team of courses and all kinds of special sports classes, can help everyone in science and health at the same time, to fully experience the fun of sports creativity. Adidas hopes that through this activity, we can appeal to the masses to practice themselves, appeal to sports fans to release their creativity, redefine and understand modern sports culture.

Chengdu "summer practice country" activity

time: July 15th - 23, 10:00 - 22:00

location: Chengdu Red Star Plaza and ocean Taigu square

course Reservation:

1. Online registration: adiCLUB members can directly register for activities and curriculum bookings. If non members scan for adiCLUB membership, they will sign up for activities and make course reservations.

2. on-site registration: when adiCLUB members participate in "Xia Lian Guo" activities, they can directly show their membership cards, and non members can scan the two-dimensional code on-site to register as members.

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